Law Property Management, LLC, invests and develops distressed real estate assets from pre –foreclosures to bank-owned REO properties. We have traveled to Detroit, Indianapolis, and other cities and the Chicagoland Market is one of the top. Our strategy of buying, rehabbing, tenant placement then managing the property is having tremendous success due to the area that we are acquiring the properties in. Over the past year, Law Property Management, LLC, has acquired over 80 properties, and has a goal of acquiring 150 for the next calendar year.

As a Managing Member, Jonathan Denny is responsible for creating the strategic vision for the company, overseeing all operations from due diligence to investment to asset management, and negotiating all relationships with strategic partners, joint ventures, and advisors. Jonathan actively works with owner, seller, and investors of distressed real estate assets to achieve the best win-win scenario for all parties involved in a transaction.

In addition to Jonathan Denny, Katherine Denny is also a Managing Member of Law Property Management, LLC. She is responsible for evaluating, acquiring, and managing portfolios of investment properties. In addition to managing properties, she plays a critical role in directing all aspects of various transactions including: deal structuring, property management, construction payouts and leasing.

With the market the way it is today, it opens huge opportunities for us to create an incredible portfolio for you. Your portfolio can be from one real estate investment to five or even hundreds of properties. These turn-key investments will be delivered to you at 80% of the current market value. We can adjust the volume to fulfill your needs. This great opportunity creates return on your investment in 90 days.

We feel that the current foreclosure market, combined with the strongest rental market we have seen in the past 20 years, is a prime opportunity to maximize our acquisition of these properties. An opportunity in this depressed economy, to show a return on investment that we can produce with this plan, is rare.

We hope you will consider joining us on this venture.

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